Wholesale Ordering

So you’re officially ready to jump into the supplement business and make some money ? 

You have a few options. Wholesale, or Drop Ship ?

Both has advantages and drawbacks. At the end of the day, you are going to turn a profit either way. Let’s take a look at wholesaling pros and cons.

The Cons:

The obvious drawback is the up front, out-of-pocket expense.

You’re buying the product before you have it sold.We CANNOT accept credit cards on large wholesale orders. When doing wholesale orders, we require either a check or money order in advance.

You have to ship the product yourself.

The Pros:

YOU MAKE ALOT MORE MONEY ! Plain and Simple – You have a larger profit margin per sale.

You actually have more flexibility in how you sell products.

Since you know your margins, you can negotiate cost with your buyer on larger orders. If need be, you can entice buyers with “free products” if you really want to make a sale.

Since you are shipping the product yourself, you can also attract more buyers by offering different shipping options.  

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