The Best Bodybuilding Foods For Before and After A Workout

BodyBuilding Foods Pre-Workout & Post Workout

The kind of food and timing of intake are vital factors to consider before and after a workout. The food is important to fuel the body with the sufficient amount of energy to perform the exercises.

A full meal will not help because one may just end up nauseated, sluggish or in pain from muscle cramps. This phenomenon happens because the blood flow is concentrated on the digestive tract for churning and absorption instead of going straight to the muscles. The oxygen which comes with the blood is limited on the muscles so lactic acid is formed instead.

On the other hand, skipping on meals and leaving the stomach empty can cause blood sugars to fall leading to light headedness and overall weakness. The body cannot perform and even tolerate strenuous activities at this point of time.

From the two extremes mentioned above, having the right body building food can enable the body to be in its finest condition to receive stress for better muscle tone and heart condition.

Before starting on a workout, one must take in a light meal rich in carbohydrates. This gives the body more fat burning potential. Usually, two hours must lapse after the light meal to allow for full digestion. This way, one does not throw up or feel distended. If a high protein, fiber and fat meal are taken, four hours should last before starting the exercise.

After the session, the person must wait for 2 hours before a light meal or snack is eaten. These foods will be needed by the body to recuperate after the heavy activity. The raw material meals should include some protein, some complex carbohydrates like bread and some healthy fats as well. For instance, lean chicken sandwich with whole grain bun can be a great body building food.

Aside from food sources, hydration is necessary to prevent dehydration. A whole glass of water one hour before and after workout can help the body reestablish equilibrium from the fluids and electrolytes lost through sweat. Sips of water during exercises are also advisable.

Indeed, the timing and kind of food before any serious activity can determine how effective the exercises will be. As such, obedience with these guidelines is warranted.

Thanks For Reading, John Z.