How Can You Get The Motivation Mindset ?

Keeping Motivated – Your Ambition Will Be Tested

For some people motivation comes easy, but for others, it is what separates the true bodybuilders from the “posers”.

Bodybuilding is a sport that requires 110 percent of your focus, if one part is lacking then your whole plan will become a failure If you are wanting to improve your motivation or would just like to learn why it is important, then keep reading.

Being motivated is very important in bodybuilding, only the motivated will survive and that is no lie. How do you keep from eating junk food while preparing for a contest? How do you keep training day after day while only seeing little to no improvement with your body? If you are serious about achieving your fitness goals, being motivated is the only way of obtaining them.

You`ve all heard the story about the mom lifting up a car to rescue her baby as it is trapped underneath. Why do you think she was able to lift up the car when on a normal day, she wouldn’t have been able to lift up a tire? It is the same way when you are at a job or getting ready for a big test at school. You have a motive of doing something and will achieve what you want at all cost.

So how do you improve your motivation? Well first, set a goal. This will give you an outside source to look at and as you review it everyday, you will become more and more motivated as you come closer to achieving it. Having to look in the mirror everyday is enough motivation for me and seeing a big fat roll hanging out of my shirt would make me feel ashamed. You also need to give yourself treats like buying a new supplement or having a small cheat meal when the weekend comes around. I always know that after I get done training that I get lots of simple carbs which keeps me motivated to finish the workout.

You have to love the feeling when friends or a member of the opposite sex compliments your body. It is a feeling of satisfaction and makes you want to keep going. On the flip side, you also hear the complainers and people with sorry excuses to why they are fat and out of shape. These people put everyone else down because of their jealousy, and it makes me sick. So now you must decide which one of these people do you want to be. The one receiving the compliments or the ones doing the complaining. It’s your choice.