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Anadroll (A-DROL) Review – Legal Steroid Alternative To Anadrol-50

Anadroll (A-DROL) Review – People can accomplish their goal of six pack abs with lean muscled bodies without compromising  their strength and endurance by switching on to this ergogenic supplement that
can increase protein synthesis manifold than usual thereby contributing to explosive muscle growth.

Anadroll is one such, in demand anabolic steroid preferred by professional athletes and sports person to build their lean muscles without suffering any harsh side effects.

Introduction & Origin:

Anadroll has been introduced by Muscle Labs USA which imitates the effects of Oxymethalone(Anadrol) and help gain humongous muscle growth in no time and that too without any health hazards like that of latter.

Anadrol that contained oxymethalone was first introduced in 1960’s by Syntex to treat conditions like anemia, osteoporosis and even development of muscles in undernourished or underdeveloped individuals. Later on it was banned by the sports federation owing to its hazardous effects.

Meanwhile Muscle Labs USA took the initiative to introduce stack of products that imitates some of this useful and incredible product minus their side effects, Anadroll being one of them.

Ingredients and their Functions:

All the ingredients of Anadroll are natural and have their unique attributes that have been discussed. Amino acids, primary component of protein synthesis that aids in growth of muscle tissues. Androsterone is naturally secreted by adrenal gland and is a precursor of androgens and estrogens in male and women.

The increased level of testosterone in the body speeds the metabolic activities thereby releasing energy to carry on workouts. It even regulates the immune system of the body thereby improving the resilience power and endurance levels.

Anadroll is an enhancer and works in sync with its name. It has tremendous capacity to push the strength and stamina to newer heights. It takes care of the immune system thereby increasing the resistance power of the body and even acts well to lower the bad cholesterol levels.

Steroidal saponins are extracted from plant and is believed to increase the sexual desire in men along with increase in strength and stamina due to release of testosterone hormone in the blood. Amino acids control the process of muscular contraction and relaxation thereby influencing the muscles to carry out workouts for greater period without getting fatigue.

Even in conditions of fatigue helps them to recover and regain their originality in quick time.
Magnesium stearate and gelatin forms the inactive components of this steroid alternative and acts a binder that holds all the ingredients together in the pills and maximizes absorption.

All the ingredients together offer the following benefits of Anadroll(A-Drol)-

1. Hike in protein synthesis through nitrogen retention thereby pumping up the growth of muscle mass.
2. Increased oxygenation of tissues and cells throughout the body sufficing nourishment and growth and
recovery of muscle tissues both during workout and post workout session.
3. Augments the strength and stamina of the body several times.
4. Arouses the sexual drive and other sexual functions.

Anadroll Function

Anadroll primarily works to increase the muscle mass in two different ways –
1. It helps in retention of nitrogen thereby augmenting the protein synthesis leading to the ultimate growth
of muscles. It even increases the strength and stamina manifold.
2. It increases the RBC synthesis thereby increasing the oxygen supply to the muscles, hence more
nourishment and ultimately their growth. A higher oxygen level in the muscle cells revitalizes the workout
process and even their recovery from fatigue.


You should take one pill twice with meals on non working days while on working days it can be consumed 30-40
mins prior to workouts. To achieve the desirable growth one needs to continue it for two months post which they can take a break of two weeks.

Pros & Cons Of Anadroll

1. Completely safe and is not banned or restricted by the FDA for any safety related issues.
2. It has no side effects and is totally legal to use
3. It is available without prescriptions.
4. It is available in pills and doesn’t need to be injected. So method is simple.
1. It is only available online on its official website and cannot be brought from a local nearby store.
Anadroll is definitely a power packed solution catering to the needs of the body building community aspiring
to achieve a muscular body with everlasting strength and stamina. This fact is even well evident from the
reviews received from the customers and experts. So one can take a chance by using this product and observe
the changes in their physique


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