Deccabolan™ Maximum Strength Anabolic Supplement*

30 Capsules Per Bottle


Deccabolan (Safe and Legal Deca Durabolin Alternative) Review – Mega Strength, Rapid Recovery and Improved Muscle Mass

Deccabolan is in high demand  among professional bodybuilders, athletes and even individuals who aims to
gain strength and stamina essential to work hard in gym to attain a well packed hard and huge muscular
physique within a short period and that too without any adversities to their body.

Muscle Labs USA, one of the well known manufacturers has come up with a stack of products to cater to the different needs of athletes.

Deccabolan is one such reliable cutting and bulking supplement that has proven its worth in the market.

Introduction and Origin:

Deccabolan is an effective bodybuilding supplement which duplicates the effects of deca-durabolin and nandrolone , but without any side eects like that of latter.

It works on the principal of building muscles of the body through protein synthesis required for strenuous workouts in order to achieve the desirable body.

It is 100 % safe and processed in an FDA facility. Each bottle is packaged while  maintaining strict process of control and adherence in USA in GMP certied laboratories.

Ingredients and their functions:

It helps in stabilizing the immune system of the body thus offering resonance and endurance to
the muscle cells. It is a tremendous testosterone booster, so also involved in different other functions of
this hormone.

All the ingredients contributes to the following beneficial functions of this product –
1. Increased energy and vigor to carry out exhaustive workout session
2. More nitrogen retention for increases protein synthesis and hence growth of lean and dense muscles.
3. Reduction of body fats thereby preserving important muscles.
4. Increased endurance power for speedy healing from fatigue and stress conditions.
5. Increased libido for better sexual functions
6. Taking care of overall health.

Scientific Function of Deccabolan:

Deccabolan circulates as a prohormone that is converted to biologically active sex steroids in a tissue-specific, and presumably tissue-appropriate, manner.

Androstenolone is made in continuous cycles from the adrenal glands. It’s made of cholesterol, under the influence of adrenocorticotrophic hormone from the pituitary. It is the fundamental material used to produce all your steroid hormones in the body including testosterone and estrogen.

Androstenolone is essential for the body’s internal “maintenance” alarm system you can call it so. Androstenolne is vital for the daily replication of body cells and production of sex hormones. Without sufficient amount of this hormone, cellular damage slowly rises until disease becomes a risk.

This prohormone promotes strong immune system and therefore health by helping to prevent this accumulative damage.

Women  experienced a mean increase in lumbar spine BMD of 1.7% at 12 months and a further increase of 1.8% at 24 months, according to the researchers. Another 2-year intervention suggested more modest incremental responses to DHEA therapy in lumbar spine BMD in older women (mean, 0.6% at 1 year and 1% at 2 years).

The working principle of Deccabolan primarily lies in its capacity of nitrogen retention and sufficient oxygen supply to the cells. Both these assists ultimately leads to muscle build up. An increased nitrogen level implies availability of more protein building blocks leading to protein synthesis and hence muscle growth.

It also promotes RBC production which aids in supplying oxygen to the entire body thereby facilitating nourishment to the muscle tissues and hence their extensive growth. More oxygen pumps mean more energy to carry out exercises and even energy to overcome the levels of stress and fatigue.


Experts and performance enhancement consultants generally advise to take 1-2 pills a day with meals on non working days, and 1 or 2 capsules daily  30-40 mins prior to exercises. It should be continuously taken for two or three months for desirable results.  Post cycle should be
discontinued for 10days, before it can be restarted.

Pros & Cons of Deccabolan:


1. It is safe and without any androgen-like side effects.
2. It is available in pill forms for rapid uptake.
3. It doesn’t causes water retention and no estrogen rebound.
4. Fast results in muscle growth and recovery.


1. It is available online only and cannot be purchased from local stores. It is in high demand and limited supplies are available.

2. It may be banned for use in some sporting competitions. However, discontinuing use 1 week before testing will pass performance enhancement screening.

Deccabolan is an all round safe formulation that has gained popularity owing to its incredible characteristics of bodybuilding. It has even been recommended by performance enhancement specialists and fitness consultants. You can trust this product’s safety  because it is produced by the highly recognizable brand  Muscle Labs USA.


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