Oxanivar™ Maximum Strength Anabolic Formula*

60 Capsules Per Bottle

  • Extreme Muscle Definition
  • Enhanced Muscle Pumps
  • Improve Strength
  • Increase Vacularity

OxAnivar (Anavar Alternative) Review – Maximized Muscle Definition and Cutting While Experiencing Improved Pumps and Vascularity

Those who are really working hard in gym for hours to cut down on those extra pounds of flesh to look slim
and be the centr of attraction can now relax a bit and try out some effective solution being offered by Muscle Labs USA, known as OxAnivar.

It is even hailed as the one of the best supplement and famous as “cutting and leaning” agent and offer excellent results in cutting down the excess fat through fatty acid oxidation while offering strength and stamina to the body.

Introduction and Origin:

Anavar was one of the most powerful agents known for offering strength and stamina along with its property of
cutting on the unwanted fats but the major disadvantage was its countless side effects that were observed post
its usage by the customers.

OxAnivar, legal and safe alternative to Anavar was then introduced by Muscle Labs USA that mimics the positive side effects while excluding the negative impact of the latter.

Anavar also referred to as (Oxandrolone) was first introduced in the market by Searle Company, now known as
Pfizer in US in 1964, but was later discontinued owing to its negative publicity. It is now available in the market
under the trade name Oxandrin and distributed only from Italy, post several clinical trials and modifications.

Later Muscle Labs USA introduced OxAnivar with all the attributes of its ancestral product Anavar, which has gained immense popularity in recent times among athletes and bodybuilders.

Ingredients and Use of OxAnivar:

The ingredients of OxAnivar are formulated to provide a unique quality of burning fat while providing
strength and stamina to the body. Androstenolone supplements are  used by athletes because it can improve muscle strength and enhance athletic performance. That’s because OxAnivar is a “prohormone” — a substance that can increase the level of steroid hormones such as testosterone. Although the ingredients are legal,  OxAnivar’s use is banned by sports organizations such as the National Football League, Major League Baseball, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

OxAnivar is used for:
1. Increases the growth of dense muscles.
2. Enhanced strength and stamina.
3. Enhances the vascularity thereby providing sufficient nourishment to the muscles for its growth.
4. Have cutting effects, so burns down visceral and subcutaneous fat while retaining the essential muscles
required for growth.
5. Increases the sexual desires thereby enhancing their performance.

Function Of OxAnivar:

OxAnivar primarily functions by increasing the endogenous steroid levels in the body which in turns produces testosterone. More and more energy assists in protein synthesis thereby leading to muscle growth.
It also means that you can extend yourself further for strenuous exercises for longer duration.

It also assures speedy contraction and relaxation thereby ensuring the faster recovery of muscles from fatigue post workout session. While it helps in burning the calories it also has its inherent property of preserving the lean muscles and increasing the density of the bones.


You need to take one pill with meals on non working days while on working days it is advised
to take it 30-45 mins prior to exercises. Its results are quite visible within 2 weeks and shows improved results
if continued for 2-3 months. Post you can discontinue it for 1 week and then restart OxAnivar.

Pros & Cons of OxAnivar:

Pros –

1. It is mild and non toxic and hence safe to use.
2. It is not banned by the FDA or under any safety recall.
3. It has been reported with no health hazards till date.
4. It is available in pills, so you don’t need to undergo the pain of injecting needles.
Cons –
1. It is only available online and stock is often limited.

2.It may be banned for use in sports competition. Although it is completely legal by state and federal laws, OxAnivar is considered a powerful ergogenic supplement and some sports governing bodies may have it on a banned list. You can avoid this by stopping use 1 week before any sport related drug testing.

OxAnivar is really a tested and proven supplement of Muscle Labs USA and is an effective solution for those who desire to look perfectly aeshetiv with a shredded and carved body. Moreover it is effective for both men and women. If taken in proper dosages for prescribed period you will observe rapid improvements in body composition and atheltic ability.


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