Testosterone 1


Testosterone-1™ Maximum Strength Pro-Androgen*

60 Tablets Per Bottle

  • Supports Muscle Growth
  • Elevates and Staibilizes Testosterone
  • Improve Strength While Helping Endurance
  • Sex Drive,Libido and Also Erection Hardness
  • Promotes Fat Loss
  • No Estrogen Rebound

Testosterone 1 (SUSTANON Alternative) Review – Maximize Athletic and Sexual Performance

Testosterone is the name associated with big bulging muscles, enhanced sexual activities in men along with
increased level of strength and stamina and certain other masculine characteristics.

Testosterone 1 is a sustanon alternative and is one such product that is considered as testosterone booster and one of the best bodybuilding supplements. Athletes  can take advantage of its both anabolic and androgenic functions to get those muscular look in no time without any side effects.


Testosterone is generally considered as a male hormone and is secreted naturally by the testes of male in
larger quantity than by ovaries in female. It is even released by the adrenal gland. Testosterone 1 is a androgenic support supplement from Muscle Labs USA which not only initiates muscle growth but takes care of overall health in men.

Principally this supplement boosts the production of testosterone and is believed to outshine most of the body building supplement of its kind.
It is even 100% legal, safe to use and not banned by the FDA.

Ingredients and it s Functions:

Most of the ingredient are natural and considered safe and extracted naturally, which has been described
below in details –
Testosterone 1 ingredients are  derived from a plan that grows mostly in dry climate and is renowned for its
characteristic of increasing the testosterone level in the body thereby improving the sexual behaviors in
male. It even accelerates the stamina and strength and induces huge muscle gains.

Androstenolone It is a hormone secreted by adrenal gland and releases free testosterone in the body. It I believed to improve the immune system thereby increasing the endurance capacity. It even enhances the energy levels by catalyzing the metabolic activities.

Testosterone 1 serves as an antioxidant and aids in metabolism thereby releasing energy.
It is primarily involved in energy production through enhanced metabolic activities.
Individuals with low testosterone levels is believed to have low levels of this Vitamin. It is even
an antioxidant and is believed to prevent the muscle tissues from harmful free radicals.

All these ingredients works in coordination and offers the following beneficial functions of Testosterone 1
(sustanon alternative ) 
1. Increases strength and stamina considerably.
2. Enhances the endurance levels.
3. Increased protein synthesis and substantial nitrogen retention helps in muscle gains.
4. Reduces body fat and development of lean muscles.
5. Reduces the stress levels.
6. Increases the sexual drive.

Mechanism of Testosterone 1:

Increased levels of testosterone in the body through the use of this supplement works in the following mannerIncreased level of testosterone increases the nitrogen retention thereby leading to protein synthesis and formation of dense muscles.

Increased metabolic activities owing to increased levels of testosterone ensure proper energy supply to
the muscle tissues thereby facilitating them to carry workouts for longer periods. It even ensures speedy
recovery of muscles from stress and fatigue post workout session.

Proper supply of nourishment due to increased oxygenated blood flow levels in the body tissues
sensures well developed muscles. Enhanced blood flow increase the size of male sex organs and make
them erectile and contribute to enhanced sexual drive in males.


For effective results it is advised to take one pill twice a day with meals and 30-40 mins prior to exercises on working days. It is generally advised by the experts and consultant to continue the dosages to at least for 2 months to obtain fabulous results. Post this one can take a break of two weeks.
Results are visible within two weeks of usage of this product.

Pros & Cons of Testosterone 1:

Pros –
1. It is safe without any side effects.
2. It is NOT banned by the FDA , and it not under any safety recalls of any kind.
3. It is available in pills and thus one can avoid any complicated methods of consumption.
4. It is a proven better anabolic and androgenic supplement compared to pure anabolic agents,
5. No prescription required to buy them in any part of the world.
1. It can only be bought online on its official website.


Overall Testosterone 1 is a solid product which delivers the results equivalent to its promises. So you can be one of those lucky people who crave to obtain a lean and muscular body with increased strength and stamina by placing an order to experience a fabulous result within no time.


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